Review Policy

I accept both physical books and eBooks to review, with a heavy preference to physical books. I also regularly listen to audiobooks.

Thank you in advance for wanting me to read your book! Though I can’t guarantee that I can read/review all the books I’m requested to. If I am interested I will respond and we can discuss how to go forward.

I’m open to doing author interviews, guest blogsand participating in blog tours. However I preferably need AT LEAST a month’s notice for blog tours, due to advance blog scheduling. I do however, retain the right to not take part in the tour if I don’t like the book.

I won’t promote a book I don’t like. I will only give honest reviews, though I won’t be completely negative as I don’t like to do that. We’re all human and all have feelings after all. I’ll always pick out the good parts of the book where I can.

I predominantly read Young Adult (YA), and my favourite genres are Fantasy and Sci-Fi but that’s not all I read. I also enjoy YA Horror as well as Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction. If your book doesn’t quite fit in here, then please don’t send me a copy without prior request. Depending on my TBR pile, I aim to have my reviews up within a month of the book’s release or a month of receiving it.

Please message me via my contact page.

Please note that I may not review all books I receive, unsolicited or otherwise. I have a full time job and life often gets away with me. However if I receive a book I will share pictures and include it in my wrap up, anticipated reads post and other relevant posts.