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Near Witch in Cardiff – V.E.Schwab Book Signing

This week I went on an adventure over the bridge to Cardiff to attend a very special and exciting event in Waterstones. V.E.Schwab stopped off in Cardiff for The Near Witch book tour and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. All thanks to my little sister living in Cardiff for that one – cheers Sadie!

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve attended a book signing, the last one was probably Neil Gaiman back in 2013 for his release of The Ocean at the End of the Lane. So as you can imagine, I was absolutely nervous to go, not really knowing what to expect. It didn’t help that I’ve never been to the Waterstones in Cardiff, so finding it in a unfamiliar city was an added stress.

The Steel Prince

The evening was to celebrate the re-release of The Near Witch by V.E.Schwab, after the original publishing went out of print. Not only that, The Steel Prince, the graphic novel prequel to A Darker Shade of Magic, has recently been released.

Listening to Schwab speak about her novels and experiences in publishing and writing was so inspiring. Schwab is a fantastic speaker, I found her to be funny, eloquent and motivational; I immediately just want to sit and write the little novel I’ve had tumbling through my head.

I wish I wasn’t so nervous about asking questions in front of people, but I’m so glad others aren’t as anxious as I am. Audience questions through the Q&A section ranged from questions about Schwab’s novels and characters, to questions about her writing style and advice.

Start at the End

I love the advice Victoria Schwab gave about writing novels, it really hit home for me. Part of her advice is to start at the end when writing. Work out your end to the story and you’ll have something to write towards – even if it’s just a placeholder ending. Mentally that’s clicked something in my head – for a while I’ve just been writing bit-part scenes and not really knowing where I’m going with it. But perhaps I need to start at the end, then work my way forwards to it.

My day started off pretty bad with work, and got worse with blisters from running to catch my train, but ended amazingly! I’m so glad I went along to V.E.Schwab’s Near Witch Tour. I love hearing her talk and I can’t wait to read more of Schwab’s books in the future. Especially the next trilogy in the Darker Shade series!

It was also really great to meet Charlotte from the Wonderfully Bookish blog. You should totally check out Charlotte’s ‘An Evening with V. E. Schwab‘ post, she took some absolutely amazing notes throughout the night.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Waterstones Cardiff and V.E.Schwab for a brilliant night.

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