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Top 5: Survival tips for your Book Buying Ban

I’ve put myself on a book buying ban, I’m not particularly happy about it, but needs must and all that. So I thought I write out a few quick tips on how to survive a book ban for other unfortunate souls.

No one wants to be put on THE BAN, as I like to call it, but sometimes you’ve got to do it, whether its to save money, save your shelves or before a convention. So here’s my Top 5 tips on surviving a book buying ban.

1. Write yourself a Wish list.

Spend some time writing yourself a huge wish list. Add new releases or old books you’ve had going dusty on your Goodreads shelf. Write your list and get excited for the end of your ban, Then celebrate the end of your ban by buying all the books you’ve craved for.

2. Keep your end goal in mind.

Whether its to save money, or if your like me, for a YALC Book binge. Visualise your end goal- mine’s rolling on a hotel bed full of books like a madwoman.


Seriously, don’t tempt yourself. Don’t do it to yourself. It’ll end in tears….tears of book filled happiness sure. But you’ll feel the shame of your failure all the same. Deep down of course, under so much pretty prose.

4. Prayer to the Dark lord for strength during this difficult time.

5. You just don’t.

You don’t survive the ban.

That’s right I’m only a few weeks into my ban, and I’ve caved already. But just look at them, I just couldn’t resist!

Technically, technically I only bought 3 of my new books: Master of Sorrows by Justin Call; The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James; and The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. One book was from my Fairyloot Subscription box, one I won in a Twitter competition with BKMRK. The final book is a proof copy of The Book of Wonders by Julien Sandrel which ‘Quercus books’ kindly sent for me to review.

I haven’t gone ridiculously over my book ban, buying three books wasn’t a major slip up. I’m still a little ashamed of myself, I couldn’t even last one month. I’m not giving up though, next month I will be better! I definitely need to tackle my TBR before YALC.

Thanks for reading! x

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  • Realms of My Mind

    I’ve found going into a library is a good balm for Book Bans. Surround yourself with books that won’t cost you a dime when you take them home!

    I’ve wandered into book stores while on bans before, and the results are…painful to say the least! All those shiny babies that need someone to love them!

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