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Gollancz Preview 2019

I was exceptionally lucky this week to be able to swindle myself into the Gollancz Preview evening for 2019. Gollancz is the SSF publishing imprint of the Orion publishing group. As the oldest specialist for SF & Fantasy publishing in the UK, you can imagine, I was ridiculously excited to find out the upcoming releases for 2019.

Promising an evening of books, food and banter, I was ready for an great evening out in London, and Gollancz delivered just that.

I was initially apprehensive arriving at Carmelite house, but Imogen, from Imogen’s Typewriter, kindly introduced herself and I settled into the event as we chatted. Thanks so much for enduring me latching onto you for the night!

The night commenced with quick introductions to the books of the nights, separated with videos from authors. After pizza and booze, we were treated to author talks by both Ben Aaronovitch and V.V.James, discussing their new releases.

During the break, whilst everyone else was distracted with pizza and vodka cocktails, a few of us managed to slip out onto Gollancz’s beautiful room-top terrace – just look at that view!

So, here’s some of the books I’m most excited for:

Angel Mage by Garth Nix.

Introduced via video from the man himself, Angel Mage finds itself as Garth Nix’s first foray into adult fantasy. Inspired by the 17th century and the 3 musketeers, adding in some Angels and Angelic magic, Angel Mage is set to be an epic fight for friendship.

Out in October and just look at that cover. Preorder your copy here.

Smoke in the Glass by Chris Humphreys.

Usually a historical writer, Chris Humphreys has emerged into the fantasy world with Smoke in the Glass. Drawing on his exceptional knowledge in history, Humphreys has built fantastic Aztec, Norse and Roman based fantasy worlds. Anyone may be immortal, but there is no way to know until you die.

Not long until release day, Smoke in the Glass is out in May. Prorder your copy here

Illustrated Good Omens

With the TV show soon to be released, Gollancz are releasing an illustrated version of Good Omens just in time. Beautifully illustrated by Terry Pratchett’s favourite artist Paul Kidby, who also drew the illustrated Discworld books. I didn’t realise but previous editions of Good Omens were released with errors and typos. Thankfully with the aid of Neil Gaiman, Gollancz has edited out the errors!

Out in May. Preorder your copy here via Book Depository.

Shadows of the Short Days by

Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson

Debut novel from Icelandic author, set in a strangely familiar alternate Reykjavik where wild and industrialised magic meet. With mind-bending graffiti artists, inter-dimensional exiles, otherworldly creatures, I’m really looking forward to treating myself to a copy.

Out in July. Preorder via Book Depository.

Sanctuary by V.V.James.

Introduced by the author, V.V.James, with a presentation on her inspiration, research and recent trip to Salem. Sanctuary is a modern tale rooted in the history of the persecution of witchcraft. I’m definitely looking forward to this release, I didn’t get a chance to ask V.V.James, but I’d love to find out if she’s done any research in British Witchcraft as well as American.

Out in August. And available through Amazon for preorder.

Books and Booze.

Generously, Gollancz had copies of some of their new releases to giveaway throughout the event. I was lucky enough to pick up Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean and Kristen Ciccarelli’s sequel to The Last Namsara – The Cage Queen. I really can’t wait to read and review them for you guys!

Thank you so, so much to Gollancz and Stevie Finigan for letting me come along to the Preview evening. It was great finding out what books to keep an eye out for in the coming year. My never ending TBR list thanks you too for the added books.

I hope I’ll be invited to similar events in the future, I really enjoyed myself.

Are there any books from Gollancz you’re excited for?

Leave a comment below and let me know, thanks for reading x


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