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Fairyloot Unboxing: FEBRUARY

This months theme for the Fairyloot February box was Beauty and the Beast. I loved the original Disney movie but I wasn’t necessarily excited for a bunch of Beauty & the Beast merch. I was fairly sure what the book was, so I definitely didn’t want to miss it by skipping a box.

February Box Contents:

  • Ceramic trinket dish by Drop and Give me Nerdy
  • Rose Enamel Pin by Iceydesigns
  • Roll-on perfume, Tea & Vanilla scented by Little Heart Gifts
  • Wall Tapestry by Sweet Squeals
  • Art print by @amaretta_
  • ACOTAR Tarot Cards by Emily Haynes
  • Sequin plastic Tumblr with designs by KDP Letters & Taratjah
  • The Book: A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

I was so so glad I guessed the correct book from the Fairyloot hints, because the book was the saving grace of this box. The items were okay, I’ll get some use out of them; the trinket dish is excellent quality and cute design, and the perfume smells delicious. But the rest in my opinion, wasn’t great. I don’t know when in my life I’m going to use a wall tapestry, so I’ll probably end up turning that into a blanket for my cat, it’s something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself.

Whilst the items in the box were nice, they weren’t amazing. The quality on the tumbler felt lacking and one of the designs lost amongst the sequins. I think if the typography was a different colour, even black, it would have felt better quality. But unfortunately, I think overall I was mostly disappointed in this item .

Overall I’m just ecstatic to finally get my hands on A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer, I put off buying it at the start of the year because of Fairyloot theme reveal, and I’m so glad I did. The hardcover edition of this book is perfect and even has a ribbon pagemarker, and holographic spine. I really just can’t wait to read it now.

Roll on Fairyloot’s readalong!

Next month’s theme is Favourites. And the box marks Fairyloot’s 3 year anniversary, and they’re creating an extra special box to celebrate. I really can’t wait for this box, especially because there’s going to be 2 books included in the March box. I have my guesses already for the books and I’m looking forward to seeing if I’m correct.

What did you think of this months Fairyloot? Have any guesses for March’s box?

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