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Saints and Scars: Illumicrate Unboxing

I mentioned in my King of Scars review that I bought the fancy pants edition from Illumicrate. But what I failed to mention was that the edition was a special limited hardback available only through the Illumicrate Saints and Scars box.

Which I managed to blag!

The box was set to include over 10 officially licensed Grishaverse-related items designed in collaboration with Leigh Bardugo with all items based on characters, quotes and places from the fantasy universe and an exclusive special hardback edition of the book.

Check out my Illumicrate unboxing video below and see all the glory that was the Illumicrate Saints and Scars Grishaverse special Box. 

Full list of Items and Creators:

Seriously though, that blanket is the softest thing I have ever touched. I think it’s probably my favourite item in the box after the gorgeous book cover. Although that mug is delicious too, just look at the gold handle and golden waffles.

I honestly loved everything in this box, I look forward to seeing more special boxes from Illumicrate. Especially if they’re anything like the Saints and Scars box.

Haven’t read King of Scars yet, check out my full review.

Did you get the Saints and Scars box from Illumicrate? What was your favourite item?

Thanks for watching my Illumicrate unboxing.


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