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    Book Cover Beauties

    We all try not to judge a book by its cover. But it’s hard not to gush at some of the gorgeous designs that’s being created. Being a visual person, it’s hard not to be drawn towards incredible book cover design. I’m really enjoying the current trend towards using hand illustrated elements on book covers. The bold designs jump out from the book shelves, begging to be read. Most importantly, it’s great that book typography is being thought through, and not just squished on the front cover. Certain book covers are even becoming collectables. Being republished with special edition covers. Publishers are going to great lengths to create beautiful covers.…

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    The Binding by Bridget Collins || Book Review

    Sometimes you really can’t help but judge a book by it’s cover and this book is absolutely stunning. Both inside and out. When I first saw The Binding in Waterstones, I knew I just had to have it for my book shelf. I’m so glad that not only is the book beautiful, but so is the story within. The Binding follows the story of Emmett, a farmer’s son as he embarks, rather dispassionately, on his apprenticeship to become a Book Binder. But books in this world aren’t your standard stories, books are memories bound and trapped inside pages and leather. Forgotten to the owner and stored for safe keeping in…

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    January Book Haul

    New Year= New books. Thats how it works right? I’ve had a fairly big book haul this month. I’ve bought a lot more books than I usually do, but what can I say I like books. I’m not going to apoligise for it! Given that I’ve only bought 16 books this month, isn’t massive compared to other books bloggers and vloggers. But I have a lot of juggling in my life and I’m trying not to overload my To Be Read pile. Although I’ve definitely considerable added to the never ending TBR list. You can watch my Book Haul video by scrolling down, or you can read the blurbs below.…

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    FairyLoot Subscription box – January Unboxing

    Okay, so we all know by now I fricking love a subscription box,  I honestly can’t get enough of them. Over the years I’ve tried a lot: art & craft boxes; kawaii boxes and the like. The first box I receive have usually been okay, but nothing amazing or special. Generally I end up cancelling them soon after because the price point never seems great for the contents. This month I decided to test out a Book subscription box. As you can probably guess from my previous posts, I love love love a good fantasy book, especially YA fantasy. So the natural choice for my next subscription box was the…

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    Empire of Storms (ToG) – Book of the Month

    You may remember me mentioning an author called Sarah J Maas previously in my Top 5 YA Fantasy series to escape reality post, well she’s got another fantastic series for you to explore: Throne of Glass. I’m currently on Empire of Storms, Book Six of the series and I love it. I’m actually re-reading the series in preparation for the final book release tomorrow, and I honestly can’t wait to finish it.